Best destinations in the world - Trip to Bali

Best destinations in the world - Trip to Bali

Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel platform, just released its annual Travelers’ Choice.  And Indonesia is amont the best destinations in the world! According to the 2021 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, Bali has risen from the fourth last year and pushes down London to the runner-up position. This online travel platform Tripadvisor has awarded Bali as the number!

A trip to Bali is always a very good option! Bali offers amazing natural and cultural attractions, a range of accommodation choice, along with a plethora of both local and international culinary destinations.

Can you imagine yourself hiking a volcano to admire a beautiful and unique sunrise? Or just enjou Nusa Penida beaches or diving in Amed, Canidasa or Menjangan? What about the magical temples and fascinating culture?

Or walking thorough rice fields or discover hidden in the lush foliage and dense forest of Bal? Bali is just a magical island..your feelings once you are in this islands are just different...this is whay also is considered a top destinatons for yoga retreats. Bali is perfect for all kind of travellers: adventure travellers, a family trip, a romantic honeymoon....

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